Curious. Introspective. Inquisitive. Intuitive.
This is how I would describe myself.
I am serious about the work I do...
 But I try not to take myself too seriously. 
 I love exploring different tools and mediums to blend into my work; taking inspiration from all areas of art & design. 
As a B.S in Communication, I focused my academic on media and social influence. The ways in which a minute shift in messaging, visuals, compostion, and language, can predominantly shape how people form attitudes and behaviors. These invisible factors can work for better or worse, and I was fascinated by the role art and design played in marketing persuasion and psychological socialization. 
I wanted to be a creator of the way in which we share visions and solidify connections and empathy, building on my 4 years of thinking and research on how media shapes not only our realities but how we see ourselves.
Ideas that my work pulls from Perception. Reality. Illusion. Dreams. Epistemology. Identity. Empathy. 


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