This project explores the world of astrology. I chose this topic of exploration for my Type Studio 1 class, with a desire to explore this subject's deeper roots of importance. While regarded as  "fake", and "useless", astrology is often dismissed as a fun, frivolous pastime that has swept social media & the internet. However, regardless of its accuracy, astrology still matters. Astrology helps people learn more about themselves; it gives them hope and encouragement in times of despair. 
I explored the topic through various typographic explorations, My process became Jesault .  The title is a play on the term Gestalt shift, which means to shift perceptions suddenly. The goal of this zine is to take topics that are common, taboo, or misunderstood, and present them in a new light. My zine explores the valid role that astrology plays in people's lives. The purpose is to demystify thoughts about the topic and its cultural significance. 
Astrology Posters

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