We all daydream. We all have fantasies. But we don't stay in the world of mindless wandering for too long. For some, daydreaming can become excessive, consuming, addictive, and inescapable—but also fun, comforting, freeing, and healing. This all happens within the wonders of our minds. Some can’t get out of it or don’t want to get out of it. This is a behavioral disorder called maladaptive daydreaming. 
Just As Real as Life is a poetry journal that allows the reader to enter the world of maladaptive daydreaming, a disorder that is still not widely known or completely understood, and can be hard to describe. The journal is a peek into the world of someone who experiences this disorder and visualizes their experiences and reflections using color, hand-made collage, and experimental book design. 
The journal is meant to introduce you to this strange condition that you may not understand, and that’s okay. 
Sketch Sessions & Poetry Writing
Collage/Form Experiments
Collage Making Process

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